Saturday, February 8, 2020


Just before dark Jax and I went over to Last Hurrah to fill up one of the holding tanks that got used up some when the movie people were here. I got the pump going and then stuck laundry in the big garage commercial washer and came back periodically to check on things. About midnight I figured the tank was probably full so headed over there to get my extension cords and last load of wash. If I leave the extension cords out all night something chews on them and I have to Gorilla tape them. I saw Jax sniffing one of the trash cans they had used with more than a passing interest. I figured I might as well open the lid to see what trash it was that Jax was so interested in. I pulled the lid off and there was a ringtail eating some leftover steak. No way he's been in there since Monday. Somehow he got the lid open and then when he got in it closed on him. The steak wasn't that much eaten for him to be there that long. Even though I had a headlamp on which really lit him up he ate for another five seconds or so before he realized I was there and then jumped out with Jax right behind him. Jax never catches anything, but he's a deterrent for squirrels trying to get in guests cars. I took the steak out and left it in a high place that Jax couldn't get it and the ringtail could.

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