Saturday, February 8, 2020

Skinny People and Jax

One hike I hadn't done in quite a few months and to include since Jax got back was Land of the Skinny People so we headed out for there today with temps in the mid 50s. Mid 50's and Jax is already looking for shade. In the second picture there's a stone statue of Kobae laying on top of the balanced rock.

About half way thru Skinny People there's a nice elevated balanced rock with a great 360 view so we took a break there. I laid down on my back on the warm rock with the sun hitting me from above, pulled my hat over my face to get some sleep but my hiking buddy didn't think that was in the cards. Jax laid on my stomach, knocked my hat off, and started licking my face. He wouldn't quit so no sleep came.

Looking down at what we had just come through, the 2nd half we still need to finish, and coming out of Skinny People into the area of Thousand Eyes.

Looking up at Hurrah Pass which has a small vehicle and at least three people standing looking at the view.
I'm so sore. I came up with an exercise regimen for each evening when Jax wasn't here and I'm trying to continue it and add in the hiking but I'm feeling every step. Even getting up from our resting spot on the balanced rock in Skinny People I almost fell over twice. Jax seems to be enjoying it because he's certainly rubbing it in. He gets way in front of me, finds the highest spot he can, and then looks down at me with scorn or pity, not sure, maybe both.

There's one spot where we have to drop down from a ridge and it's the only way to get down. It's about a fifteen foot drop. I have to sit down, slide down it slowly, then get one foot on a little bump sticking out, hold onto the ledge and then swing around and land in a little opening for my feet that you can't see from the video and in my current condition it was painful today. Here's how Jax does it. He yawns, he's so bored, looks casually around, and then

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