Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Tuesday, Day of Little Hiking

Rich Curtin's books came in last week and my body needed a hiking break. Since lots of wash had built up and the main house needed cleaning we headed over there and got laundry going at the main house and the large garage then sat out on the porch looking at the pond and got started on the second book.
Maybe two years or so ago I was over at the main house talking to guests and they said for the last few days they had really enjoyed watching the two ducks hang out together in the pond. Then a big hawk came down, clutched one of them out of the water and took off with it while the other one dived under water. When it came up it's companion was gone.

Later that day I was at Base Camp and a disc golfer came in and said there was a dead half eaten duck on the tee to hole #2. I went out and it was the one that use to hang out at the pond so we buried it in the critter verse critter graveyard.

While I set out front reading Jax could hear the lone duck but never saw it. When he'd go down there to look it would coast into the hail bent reeds and disappear or dive under water eating the little catfish that got sucked up into the pond when I pump from the river. In four hours he never saw it.

When laundry was done we hiked back to the lodge passing through Hull's Place and I tried to line up the two disco of sorts balls that Hull left hanging from the trees 15 or 20 years ago to make an eclipse but never got them line up right. Nice relaxing day.


Leah said...

Check out Chinle Miller's series about Bud Shumway - her books are far more scenic than anything Rich Curtain writes

Tom said...

Thanks Leah. I saw a couple of those when I was reading reviews on Curtin's books but I didn't delve into it as I knew I was going to have to hustle just to get these done before the season starts and Chinie didn't ask me to help her with a story line so I'll do these, at some point meet with Rich I assume and if time permits, probably not anytime soon, I'll get into Chinie's books. I just read the reviews on the first one and it appears to be entertaining.

I appreciate the email.