Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Morning Hike and Some Stuff

I wanted to see if we could beat our time up and down Hurrah this morning but Jax didn't care and so we turned right and went into the fingers.
Three times in the last couple months guests have come in and said they saw a Colorado chipmunk get taken away from the back feeding area by a hawk and there for a week or so I was going to take a picture of the last one I had and talk about how the hawks have devastated them. While everybody else runs, they always hesitate to assess the situation and that's always fatal. But until last evening I haven't seen a hawk in three weeks and there are Colorado chipmunks everywhere. I assume the ravens are doing their work picking off the hawks still.
I was going to comment that we didn't get any baby raccoons but last night the first batch showed up on the porch so tonight we'll put the GoPro out there with some headlamps by the feeding bowl.
Jax and I wander back into the fingers and find both raven nests abandoned and no ravens protecting the fingers though we hear raven calls a couple canyons to the east.
Under one of the abandoned nests is a disc spin off that I last saw sitting next to the fire pit at Base Camp and a raven has apparently decided that it would look better here in the fingers.

With the demand on the hogans and houses at Last Hurrah we are way short on our power needs so it's looking like I'm going to have to put substantial money into it to get the solar grid collecting more energy.
I've been watering on even numbered days so that I don't forget and I've got each bush figured out as to how much water it needs with the exception of the Cottonwood tree and I frankly don't think there is any figuring out. Eight buckets every other day was keeping leaves from turning yellow (lack of water), then five days of rain leaves began turning brown (too much water), now I have some yellow and some brown on the same stem. Picky picky.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

In a Week

I tell Linny I haven't seen a ringtail in about a week, or a deer, and Kobae hasn't chased a dog and humped the stairs in a month. In the next eight hours I have to take it all back. Linny sees a buck swim the river and come out on the beach. I see a mama and baby in the morning hike, our youngest ringtail shows up and some guests check in with a dog, Kobae chases it around the yard and takes it out on the stairs.

Wednesday Evening

Kobae Morning Appearance

Guests checking out Wednesday morning said they hadn't seen Kobae the three days they were here but just prior to their leaving he made a brief morning appearance. For a sixteen year old teenager it was nice to see him before noon.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Tuesday Evening from the Canyon Lands

Tuesday Morning Hike

"We enjoy the lonesome and empty because we are too familiar with the crowded and the confined."

Monday, July 16, 2018

Monday Hurrah Pass

Jax and I are hiking Hurrah Pass about every 3rd day trying to improve the time up and back knocking off a couple minutes here and there. Feeling better about it every day.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Good Night from the Canyon Lands

Sunday Morning Hike

Jax and I hiked over the Last Hurrah to pump water into the tanks, start cleaning the garage finally, and pull some weeds. Looks like the pond is going to have to be pulled as well but when I tried to pull one of them out it was pretty determined.

Saturday Evening

Kobae Takes a Shower

Saturday Morning Hike and a Couple Things

Snake track crossing the trail.
Puddle on the road going to the Wind Caves. With significant rain three of the last five nights there is no dust on the trail. Still the whole this side of the island portion of the river is drying up. In a month you'll be able to walk to the far south end of the island. Happened just once before when I first moved here. Some progress coming on the "Mother of all Hogans".

Friday, July 13, 2018

Hurrah Hikes

I let Jax lead and most mornings he wants to hike up Hurrah and back, about 5.5 miles round trip. Feeling better each time. Time up and down is getting better and on Thursday morning I ran more than 50% of it on the way back. When we returned Jax and I went down to the beach and jumped in the water. Jax is actually becoming a water dog.....slowly.

Later in the day my belt broke that I had been using to measure my weight loss with and I pulled one off the shelf from about three years ago. I wish I had never done that. From three years ago I still have two belt holes to go and that's just to get back in regular shape. Long ways to go for really good shape.

The two sharpest turns on Hurrah you just can't take a bad picture.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wednesday Morning

We got buried in rain last night so I throw a couple shovels in the Polaris and head up Hurrah to clean up any corners that got wiped out to make sure guest can depart this morning. There's nothing. One little water puddle. It's like Hurrah Pass never got hit at all. So Jax and I do a little hiking.

The Rain

I'm at Last Hurrah next door pumping water from the river to the pond, from the pond to the truck, to fill up the Base Camp cisterns which are almost dry.

Linny calls me to say a side by side pulled up saying they needed to call the side by side rental company as their other side by side with dad and three kids was broke down. I called and they said they'd be right out, course out here that means an hour and some change. The temp is 103.

With the tank in the back of the truck I drive over and pick them up and then escort the whole family down to the beach where it's 20 degrees cooler, maybe more. I take my boots off to show them they can jump in the river but before I can do that I hear three splashes look up and the kids are in already.

Little later the rental company shows up gives them a different side by side and everybody heads for town. Good timing, looks like rain is coming. I tell Linny I've got one cistern about 80% full and I'll start to fill the other one in case it does rain and fills it without my help. Doesn't look like much but then it comes over Dead Horse Point and swoops in on us. In ten minutes the temp goes from 103 to 73 and we get buried.

Both cisterns are full and I'm got a truck with a couple hundred gallons still in it. The hogans on the hill took a terrible beating and need to be re-mudded so I guess that's where the water is going.