Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Snow Flurries

You know, those small white pieces of ice that when they hit you sometimes it hurts.

The movie people checked out around 1:30pm and Jax and I drove over to Last Hurrah to escort them to Moab as they were somewhat inexperienced in snow and ice, sometimes called "flurries". I was going to have to go sometime this week to get groceries so might as well get it over with. Escorting them up Hurrah and down anyway so by then I'm only 20 to 30 minutes from town.

Turning in their vehicle rental the guy in charge comes over to give me my walkie talkie back and says "I called every number on the film list and you're the only one in all of Utah that would allow us to come out and film." I had an hour to think about that on the way back from Moab but I never came to a conclusion. When I got to the top of Hurrah Pass I realized I didn't know the question or even if there was one.

After bank, post office, and groceries Jax and I set about our return to the lodge. I brought a pack, heavy coat, and headlamps unlimited. Someday I'm going to break down and have to hike back and I might as well be prepared. After spending time with dark dark a month or so ago it turns out I don't enjoy our relationship as much as I had remembered I thought I did.

The hail from earlier had melted as we headed back and the flurries began to follow us. At our return they began closing in and dancing all around us. I went out around 10pm to feed my ringtail friend on the first pole out the door and the flurries were settling in. By morning they had accumulated in to a small piles of flurries. Sometimes called "snow".

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