Sunday, February 2, 2020

Some Stuff

I had briefly put up a post a week or so ago about movie being filmed out here and then wasn't sure as the explanation of the movie changed a couple times or at least my understanding did and so I took the post down but now that they've finished filming, I think they have, it wasn't so bad after all. Jax and I went into town and picked some of them up on Friday and some of their gear so I could spend the drive back better understanding what I had gotten myself into.

It's a documentary of sorts about people with a unique lifestyle. They hike out in nature, get inspired by something they see or feel, have an intimate relationship, not always, but sometimes. I cut the deal, then kind of got the feeling they were just going to go around bumping uglies with Base Camp and Last Hurrah stuff in the background. However they'd call me on the walkie, tell me where they were roughly and I'd ok it or not as long as there weren't any of my structures in the background, and they would agree. I'd tell them I'd keep people away, turn off their walkie, then call me when they were no longer inspired. I waived the two requirements for filming on the property.

1. Linny has to be in the movie.
2. Kobae has to be in the movie.
I won't be posting any pictures or video. They were in and out in three days. No pun intended.

Jax and I have hiked every day since he got back and today, Sunday, we found a nice spot at the entrance to The Fingers and just sat in the quiet for half an hour or so and enjoyed the heat, probably 50 today, and the view.

There were no living tracks in The Fingers at all except Jax, and in time, me. There was one rock track, in the 4th picture coming up, a large rock had fallen sometime in the last few days just in front of where Jax is standing. You can see where it shattered and recognize it different because of it's color. The canyon is a lighter color further up above where we were hiking.

I haven't seen the pigeon in a month. Maybe they go south or it found another pigeon but it's not hanging out with the Eurasian doves anymore. I have a little bit of video of the raven teacher working with me in the mornings but not enough worth posting. The raven has had a short temper with me of late. I've gotten four or five sounds of raven down pretty well but now it's teaching me this sort of bubble that comes up through it's throat voice and I have no idea how to make that happen. Every time I try to mimic the bubble sound the raven turns it's back on me and faces the river. So I switch to whistling the call of the male house finches who are singing away on the sunny days. Then the raven flies off disgusted and complaining as it leaves. I noticed today there has been some new construction work on the raven nest in the third finger canyon so maybe they're coming back to that spot this spring.

I'm not sure how long it's been since this happened but somewhere not long after I moved out here I was at Behind the Books in town browsing and whoever was working suggested I buy the book "Artifacts of Death" that a guy wrote that was about stuff around here. I bought it, read it, was neat to read about stuff I knew, like the picture on the front is False Kiva in Canyonlands which I've been to several times. Then I put it on my bookshelf for others to read. The other day I was on Amazon and ran across it again. I read a few of the reviews and then saw the section that says about other books bought by people that read this book and found he had written several books about the Moab area.

Ed Abby is the most famous local author but I didn't enjoy the books of his I read because they were wrong in a lot of instances. The first flowers that bloom, the mannerisms of certain lizards, and just a lot of little stuff that you wouldn't even think about if you didn't live it every day. Maybe things are just different in Arches where he lived but still it didn't mesh with what I knew to be fact so I didn't read him again.

After reading a little preview of each of Rich Curtin's books I started thinking he's probably searching for fresh ideas about a story and maybe I can help. I sent him an email saying so and sent him ten or twenty blog posts over the last year about things that had happened to me and maybe he could use them and I could give him the finite details that only somebody that lived the life would know. He responded and ended with "Maybe I’ll visit sometime and work on a new story. Maybe you can help with the story line!" So everybody that keeps telling me to write a book, well maybe, sort of, in a different way. I ordered all of his books so I can read them and not waste his time on any ideas that would duplicate anything he has done already.

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