Sunday, February 9, 2020

Hurrah Pass Hike by Accident

As Jax and I headed down the driveway to go hiking Saturday my plan was to hit a hidden trail that goes off to the left from the road going up Hurrah before it gets to the drop offs and stuff. Nobody knows that trail is there but then a few years ago the cowboys graded it. They found an old map or something saying there was water down there so they dozed it to make access easier for the cows. I'd never seen water there and no water ever showed up. I put rocks across the entrance a few years ago because I noticed it was getting a little bit of traffic from off roaders. It worked. As we were hiking along the road and I missed the turn off. I really didn't want to do the Hurrah Pass hike. My legs are so sore but I was well by the turn off before I realized I missed it and Jax likes the Hurrah hike so we kept going.

As we rested at the top, if you call having to glove fight Jax resting, a couple showed up and got out of their vehicle to look at the view. Nice couple from Fruita. We talked awhile and then it was time for Jax and I to head back.

On the way down we found an area off to the side of the road where somebody had been making rock cairns, lots of them. I don't get it.

Still some ice in the corners where the sun won't hit for another month or so. Pushed the cowboy gate back some. Was a little tight for some vehicles getting through there.

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