Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Monday Hike with Jax

Monday we headed over toward Last Hurrah but took the creek bed away from the river going east just before the Last Hurrah gate.

Coming at it from this direction the landscape looked a lot different than it does in most places out here.

The last few days Jax thinks something is following us. He smells something and he's always looked back from which we came even if the wind is blowing in a different direction from which he should be able to pick up scents. Occasionally we take a break in a high shade spot so we can look back and see if something is tracking us but neither of us has seen anything so far.
Eventually we worked our way around so we were looking up at Thousand Eyes and then found the road in reverse that we were looking for on the hike up to Hurrah and took that back to the Hurrah Pass road and back to the lodge.

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