Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sunday Evening

Middle of February

Both the lodge and Last Hurrah are completely full. Unbelievable.

Two Guys from Tennessee

Came to play disc golf.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Jess and Monkey

On Wednesday it was kind of cold out but Jax and I were hiking out towards the Wind Caves and then back on the cliff road above the river. Just as we're going through the Base Camp gate we see a vehicle go by on the way towards Chicken Corner. We hike a little over the hill and I can see it turning around in the distance. I say "Are you lost?" She says "No, I lost my cat. I left him behind. When I got out to take a picture I think he took off and I just noticed that he was gone." I said "On this side of Hurrah?" She says "Yes." I say "Jax has a good nose and I'm a good tracker you want us to go with you?" She says "No. He's a good cat he'll stay there until I get back."

Jax and I continue you on our hike and just before we get ready to turn on to the Cliff trail she comes pulling up, with her cat, and her dog. She's a geologist from Australia and her name is Jess. We talk for a minute and I give her directions to the Wind Caves and Chicken Corner and tell her she's free to swing by later and give her direction to the lodge. Just before dark, Jess, Monkee, and I forgot the cat's name come to the lodge. I put them up in Linny's room and we enjoy the dog to dog to cat confused interaction. We laughed all night telling stories of being in the boonies. Michelle joined us off an on while decorating.

In the morning I take her out to Jackson Hole to see a place that Linda and I visited a couple weeks ago since it has the most widely varied geology in a small area. Finally during out hike Jax and Monkee decided they liked each other and while we looked at rocks we were constantly surrounded by this.

Jess, from Australia, with Jax and Monkee. Anyone that tours and hikes with their dog and cat, is alright with me.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Short Hike

Wind was blowing and it was a little cold out there but Jax and I got about three miles in.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Cleaning Up

Johnny got the boat house all cleaned up so got to do something with that. To include the Moab Yacht Club sign.

Got both of the Base Camp hogans (mud huts) ready to go.

Jax and I got a little hiking in.

Sun Breaking Through

Monday Short Hike

Rained most of the day off and on but we did manage to sneak out between squalls and get a little hiking in. Then Nena showed up from Jeep and we spent a couple hours plotting out the trails around the property for the Jeep Safari unveiling.

Monday, February 12, 2018

A Good Day

Saturday it rained off and on all day so I worked on finishing my tax return. On Sunday though it was incredible outside so Jax and I walked all the way up Hurrah Pass and most of the way down the other side.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Four Fingers and a Thumb

Today Jax and I went exploring in the Four Fingers and a Thumb area. You won't find it on a map, it's something we have given a name because of the way it looked to us. You also won't find Three Guys on a Roller Coaster, Land of the Skinny People, Two Trains or a bunch of others either.

It's an area I haven't spent much time in over the years but with about a month to go before my free time dwindles dramatically I'm making the most of it.

We found some neat stuff. Some finger canyons that went a long ways back. You ever head into one of those out here and you don't see any tracks going in or out, especially two towed big horn tracks it means there's no other way out. We found a Christmas tree, yes growing, never seen one of those out here before. Sometimes at high elevations but never around here. We found odd shaped rocks, indented patterns, small caves and natural bridges.

There was an eerie fifteen minutes in pictures four and five. Jax is always exploring and climbing things but when we got close to the area directly under Four Fingers and a Thumb it felt wrong and he stopped. It wasn't just that somebody or something was watching us, that we could both feel, it was that whatever was watching us was evil. Jax and I stared into the cliffs and ledges for ten minutes and could not detect what was watching us or where it might be but it was there. We tried to walk away a couple times but as soon as we did we could feel it staring right through the back of our heads. We looked at each other hoping the other one had the answer but neither of us did. When we finally gave up and walked away for what I thought was the last time we both had the intense feeling that we were being watched again and as I turned my head I saw Jax turning his head. For five more minutes we watched for something watching us but it never revealed.

Shortly after that we came to several long and deep finger canyons going way back, narrow, one way out canyons, but they felt fine, and we went all the way to the back of all of them.

Thursday Evening

Hall's Place

Between the lodge and Last Hurrah there's a place. Not far from the bone yard and just as lonely. Hardly visible and rarely visited. Hall's Place. As I know the story Hall, lived there with his Indian wife and they never left except to collect stuff which is how the bone yard started. I've been there a few times but never spent much time there. It's not even a cave, just an overhang but he put some windows and a door on the front of it and "Honey we're home."

The disc golf tourney on the 10th and 11th of March this year is going to be a no drivers tournament so many of the current holes are being shortened and 20 or so more holes being added. There will be 40 something baskets on each day. We're going to make the turnaround spot Hull's Place and it's a long ways back to the lodge from there so going to clean and fix it up and put some refreshments there for the journey to the back 10 or 15 to the lodge. On Thursday Johnny got in there and cleaned the place up good.

Thursday: Into Dripping Springs North

On Thursday Jax and I went into the short and condensed north side of Dripping Springs. From on top of the Anti Cline there's a canyon that looks like if you can find your way out of you can get up on the Amasa Back and we did get within about 20 feet of where we were last week when we hiked the Anti-Cline but that last 20 feet was a nasty overhang and I just couldn't figure it out. Still, it's a pretty entertaining hike back in there.