Monday, March 9, 2020

The Weekend Stuff

Between Dre and I, and a lady named Jackie who wanted to stay a couple more days and I agreed if she'd pull weeds out of the pond, and between the three of us slowly there are reed less places showing up in the pond.
First Haydukers came through. Artic Fox and Lucky Strike living in Denmark. They said they said somebody started the day before them but quit on the second day.
No boats on the river yet. Too shallow.
Rock squirrels are out and trying to sneak into the lodge to get the sunflower seed stash so I've had to double up on security at the door.
Sometimes they're short but Jax and I are getting in one or two hikes each day. Just missed visiting dark dark a couple times on our return.

Kobae is walking around the yard a lot checking out any changes and he's fascinated by metal it appears as Dre sticks up for pieces of art every day. Thought he was going to et the new plants but he passed.
Jackie was a little nervous about taking her vehicle up Hurrah so I drove it up for her and Jax and I hiked back. The County graded the other side last week and it's sweet. My side is still a mess and I doubt they're coming back anytime soon. We get to the top of Hurrah and start the hike back down but have to pause for a moment and pinch myself. Jax knows too. Look where we live.

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