Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Stuff, Not a lot, Just some

Last night I'm working on my new waiver for Base Camp. Before it just said you're going to die and it's not my problem but now I've added a section where the guests besides waiving my being responsible for anything that they also promise not to be Punk Ass Weenies while they're here, punishable by death. When I finished up and walked outside to throw some more hot dogs out to the foxes I heard a bunch of yelling up by Doug's hogan over the hill. I called him at home late in the night to make sure that nobody was suppose to be there. Then when I walked outside to head up there and investigate the noise seemed further away and continued to do so. So I suspect that some clowns, not Ronald, were rafting down the river in the dark or camped further down on a sand bar. I drove up this morning to double check and no sign of footprints.

Catering in addition to the food I bought from them the refrigerator at the Main House and Condo had a lot of food in them and this freezer just for Dre and I. Must be some critter food in there somewhere.
Got fairly warm today but a biting wind up to 35mph kept it cooler than it should have been. Kobae assumed his position as security guard but then drifted off to sleep and a white-tailed antelope squirrel stole our rope to make a home with not two feet from him.

Dre and I have been talking about doing some of the hikes but have been pretty busy. We don't have that excuse now so we headed off to Skinny People. His head is always down looking for fossils.

When we got back I ask Dre if he could do me up a metal art sign that said "No Punk Ass Weenies Allowed" and maybe a metal statue of a Punk Ass Weenie and he said "I'll have to think about it."

I'm back to doing my nightly exercise routine since I don't have Jax to hike with and Kobae is sleeping in the room next door. Whenever I do the 500 jumping jacks he slams the wall in the laundry room. Maybe the vibration is waking him up. He's not happy about it so I have to wait until he goes out on the porch in the morning to get them knocked off. Not like I haven't had to hear him snoring through the wall or cranking out the tunes with his butt.

The sun did me up right on the Anti-Cline. Not a day goes by I don't appreciate what I have.

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