Wednesday, March 11, 2020

A Couple of Days Stuff

Jax and I are getting in at least one hike a day and some days morning and evening. Dre is a big help and he's doing well so far.

I've been waiting for the first flower to bloom but nothing so far. Then a day or two ago Jax and I are taking the old high road that goes through Doug's property and right in the middle of the road with tire tracks on both side is one bush that has exploded with flowers. It's still the only one I've seen.

Moab Jett came by yesterday with one of their blue boats checking out where the problem shallow areas are. They're the only ones that have a chance of getting down the river with as little water as there is. Two ladies staying in the hogan were the first guests to kayak in the river this year and said they couldn't get around the island as they kept getting stuck on sand bars.
The reason I said first guests in the river is I'm not counting Dre who is out kayaking the river by moon light picking up drift wood, picking it up and bringing it back to stick in the ground for his art work. He's been working on patching the mud hut hogans above Base Camp. Usually they have to be repaired twice a year in March and October. They didn't get worked on last year in October as I was by myself the last four months and then they got hit by a hailstorm which did significant damage so they need a lot of work. Dre said he used to build Earth homes of some sort so he's putting fencing around them and mixing the mud with straw so they'll be stronger and he wasn't happy with the sand that was up there so he took the truck, drove down to the end of the boat ramp and took mud out of the river and said it's much stronger. Then drove it up the hill and unloaded it. He went to The Land last evening to get some more of his art work and then I heard my truck drive by at 5am going up to the mud huts. Day or night doesn't matter to him.
Sunkist and CoolBean came by doing the Hayduke. I ask where they were from and SunKist said L.A. Said she had to get out and hike a trail. People were getting crazy from the Corona viras thing that was going around. Said they found the skeleton of a big horn at the top of Jackson Ladder, showed me a picture, was a month or two old. Probably the same mountain lion that took out the small big horn just a mile or so from the ladder which I came down on my from town hike.
Last couple hikes on Hurrah Pass we've run across the same two Chuckers. Jax didn't seem to be feeling too well. Wasn't running around like a crazy dog on the hike but he came alive when the Chuckers showed up.

Jax and I in most cases can't leave to go hiking until Kobae goes inside and we don't have to watch him so we've gotten some late starts on our hikes up and down Hurrah but so far no dark dark.

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