Tuesday, March 3, 2020

San Diego Stuff

On Saturday Kobae came out in the morning and I opened the gate but he wouldn't move no matter how many times I called him so Jax and I went hiking by ourselves into the canyons.

While normally I can hear a car coming down the street even when reading my book it's easy to steer Kobae out of the way before the vehicle gets close but things are a changing. I have to listen for tires on pavement now as several cars came down the street running electric and hard to hear.
Jax stepped all around a big ole lizard, never saw it, it never moved.

On Saturday night went to the Socker's vs Milwaukee game which went to overtime, then to shootouts with San Diego winning on the 4th shootout. Great game. Saw a lot of old friends to include Erich. Linda is recovering and she got out of the house and made it to the game.

I always make a trip to Wal-Mart while I'm in San Diego and boy have things changed. There was this big robot like thing that came around the corner making little beeping sounds like when a forklift backs up. I just stood there staring at it. It got within about 20 feet of me, saw me or sensed me or movement, backed up and went down the next aisle. I avoided it after that. As I was leaving I ask the security guard what that thing was and she said "Oh you mean the cleaning robot?" Four times I ran into a young guy training an older guy about working there. He was showing him shortcuts to get from one part of the store to another, how to answer customer questions and the like. It was pretty entertaining. I was trying to remember the last time I had a boss, actually worked for somebody and I'm thinking I had a real estate broker when I was an agent in the very early 80s after getting out of the Army. I think that was it. 40 years ago. I doubt I'd survive if I had one now.

On the way back to the house I learned three more things. Even if your tail lights always get broken because you live on a dirt road and gravel flips up, when you drive to San Diego you're still suppose to have them fixed first. Second. Even if you don't wear a seat belt because if you go off Hurrah Pass your dead anyway, but, if you don't have a seat belt on you might be able to get out the door before the trucks goes off the side, you're still suppose to wear one in San Diego. Third, and this one seems completely unreasonable, even if it's 4am and no traffic is coming in any direction to include your rear view mirror, at a stop sign you're suppose to come to a complete stop versus a rolling slow down drive through anyway sort of stop. I know. I'm as surprised as you are.

It rained on Sunday and Kobae wouldn't come out of the garage so Jax and I hiked to Dishwasher Pond which last time I visited five or ten years ago was a beautiful little lake a couple hundred feet across and full of really cute ducks. I thought I had a reed problem in my pond. It pales in comparison to what happen to Dishwasher.
Ze helped me load up Kobae in the back seat of the truck Monday morning. Actually he did most of the work while Heather took pictures. Jax jumped in and at 9am we were on the road to return to Base Camp. At 9:05 we were stuck in traffic for most of the next 40 minutes and then three more times from traffic accident before we hit the high desert and headed for Barstow. We got back to the lodge Tuesday morning about 12:30 and I decided I wasn't going to try and get Kobae out of the truck in the dark so I put a towel and a couple blankets over him and went and got some sleep. I went out and turned the truck on at about 5am for an hour and ran the heater to make sure he was ok and at about 9am I opened the doors and he came out on his own after I built him a sort of a ramp out of suitcases.

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