Sunday, March 22, 2020

I'm Embarrassed, Plus Random Pictures

Things have simmered down a little bookings and cancellations. I get about one of each per day, just breaking even. I'm about half full for the next few months but normally I'm completely full. Half full pays the bills but doesn't leave me much to do improvements with.
Last week Moab restricted any new comers to town and closed hotels, motels, restaurants, and the like to anybody but Moabites. On Saturday they kicked out the ones that were already here. There is some filming going on and part of the crew was staying in Moab. Though they had permission to stay in town past the eviction of everyone else their hotel got death threats for them being there then threats of pickets. All sorts of intimidation going on in town. I'm so embarrassed to say I live in Moab. I don't think I'll ever say that again. I don't want to be associated with that behavior.
A friend sent me pictures of what is normally a very busy Moab. This was Saturday evening.
I've spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in Moab over the years and have gotten exactly two referrals from people in Moab. Mad Bro sent somebody out here once who stayed and so did Jim Ryan. That's it. It's an extra two hours of driving to go to Monticello to get gas, wood, water, and groceries but I'm thinking it's worth it to not support people like this.

Linda sent me this picture of Vons meat department in San Diego. It's crazy.

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