Sunday, March 15, 2020

Disc Golf Tournament (Day Two) It's a Big Deal

Years ago Disc Golf magazine named the three most extreme courses in the world and guess who was on there?
This year Innova made Base Camp the cover and the month of March baskets.
A cool disc was made of the calendar cover.
In October of 2019 the balanced rock on hole #13 collapsed after millions of year and the T-shirt with this great design memorialized it's passing.
The tributes keep piling up.
So it's time. Maps are out, players meeting takes place, the parking and camping area is full. Players begin spreading out over the courses and there are players for about as far as you can see.

Kobae makes an appearance. Walks up and down the porch and picks a footless shoe to lay down on.
Scorecards are in, the awards ceremony takes place, and Doug Smith has done another excellent job for the tournament. I want to say for me it's emotional. The disc golf community are the best people you can find. It's hard to imagine better. Thanks everyone for coming all the way out here.

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