Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Kobae does San Diego

On Thursday after doing errands in Moab Jax and I headed off to San Diego to get Kobae. We got in about 1am San Diego time. Kobae who was sleeping in the garage somehow knew I was there. Friday morning about 9am instead of him going out the side door and into the back yard the door from the garage to the house flew open and Kobae came marching into the dining room. He went out the patio door, made a hard right to go show me where the gate to the back yard was so he could go hiking. Unfortunately for him, the direct path to the gate had a bunch of bicycles sitting in it.I gathered up my 4th Rich Curtin book to finish and with Jax we headed down the street. I couldn't bare to put Jax on the leash unless I saw a dog coming. He had been free for so long. We met so many nice people who were happy to see us again as we hiked around the neighborhood. Kobae most enjoys the wild growth yards. I think the selection is larger. A ten or so year old Xavier joined us for an hour or so. Had a million questions and told me all about school. He's being bullied. I gave him some advice. I hope he doesn't do too much time in jail. Tim, who I've met on previous hikes, we ran across him twice.Kobae from habit when he use to hike with Bishop and Chewey normally crosses at the crosswalk and stays on the sidewalk but if he see a bunch of purple or yellow flowers across the street on his hike it's as if there's a giant magnet sucking him to them.

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