Monday, March 23, 2020

March 23rd Stuff

Some people remember Dec 7th as Pearl Harbor day. Others 9/11. Maybe the day we went to the moon or Kennedy got shot. Me, I'm going to remember this as Punk Ass Weenie day.

The parking lot is empty except four side by side rentals waiting to be picked up. Every one left the lodge early this morning. I went around to check the rooms and mostly it's embarrassing to me. I was in such a hurry to get everything ready for them when they said they needed every bed I could get them I forgot to put shower mats in two of the rooms, and didn't put back either trash can in one. The room with the king bed, both pillows are gone. I know it had pillows because I don't take them out of the room. I just change the cases. If Kobae had been out this morning then there would at least have been a chance they fell on the floor and he ate them but he didn't, they're just gone.

Ever since I have gotten involved hosting movie people I've dreamed of being an alcoholic. You know, chicken bone sticking out of my mouth, spilled pizza on my shirt, passed out naked on the front porch while Kobae talks to me and I understand him and the ravens sit in the tree and laugh at me. I know it's not everybody's dream, but it's mine. The problem is I can't find a beer I like which makes being alcoholic more difficult. We all have our crosses to bear. I found a couple kinds of beer in the movie people's rooms I've never heard of so once they get cold tonight I'm going to take another crack at alcoholism. I'm excited.

Since Jax left the rock squirrels have taken over. They are everywhere. Kobae sits in the doorway so I can't close either door and the rock squirrels jump over him. I can hear them running around in the kitchen scratching at the hallway door where I keep the sunflower seeds.
Two guys pull up in a Jeep and say there are two kids walking down Hurrah and they told them they were going to get wet (it's raining). I tell them "thanks" I don't know why and they drive off. Two more guys show up in a different Jeep and one guy hands me a cucumber and says two years ago he came by for camping directions and I gave him a good location and he remembered I was feeding a tortoise while giving him directions so he brought Kobae a cucumber, then they leave. Two "kids", probably 20 or so show up, wet, and say they heard about the great disc golf course here. They made it up to Hurrah Pass in their vehicle but weren't sure they could make it down so they hoofed it.

I got a request that somebody was spending a couple days with me and then heading to Vegas but Vegas was closed so could they just stay here the whole time, well of course. A lady emails me and says they were going to stay in town before they came out here but now can they skip town and just come here. I tell them yes and she responds with "Thanks so much for not being a punk ass weenie."

From the emails and calls I'm getting it seems like it was just a few people stirring the pot and getting everyone fired up because I've heard from enough people that don't feel the same way. The argument is they were just protecting Moab from the virus, but they had all moved out here, it's my risk, not theirs, and they were going to block the road and keep them from going back through Moab to leave and go home when the shoot was over. They said the movie people have gone home, admitted their mistake, and to leave them alone and let them leave. Oh bullshit. They didn't admit anything. I was with them every moment and they simply didn't want things to escalate so they left. They got permits from everyone they were suppose to. Typical punk ass weenies making shit up.

The other side of the property went vacant a little while ago with the vans coming in and moving the last of the equipment out and the stake bed truck coming in to get all of the catering stuff for return. I told them they could have my freezer from the garage to take all their stuff out with and please get it back to me someday but in the end they gave me a deal on a bunch of food so I bought it and will leave it in the garage freezer.

They'd paid me a bunch of the money already and said they'd send the rest shortly and I hope they do but I feel bad for all the production people and talent that thought they were getting one more check and the people that put all the money into it that is now lost. The businesses in town that didn't bow down to punk ass weenies and rented them vehicles who will lose the rest of the week rentals and the production company that will have to think long and hard about ever coming back to Moab. When you do something right guests tell three other people. When you do something wrong they tell on average 13 people. They tell 13 other production companies how they were treated after following all the rules and no loopholes and get treated like this then 13 more production companies don't come to Moab. That's a business movie virus there's no recovering from.

Not long ago I got an email from Utah Film Commission touting all their successes of the last year. I sent them a return this morning saying I'd go hide if I was you these folks got treated like crap. I'd ban or quarantine from any new movies being filmed in Moab and send them to Kanab or someplace that would treat them better. I hope they close Moab to movies. The next call I get I'll tell them to stay completely on my property or go somewhere else or at the least not use local people for the shoot. The local Moab movie person was as helpful as the Bubonic plague. She backed them until last Thursday and then put out a statement of some sort saying she told them not to come but they said they were coming anyway. That didn't happen.

Well it's just Dre and I for the next week but with months of food. I didn't take any bookings this week because I was full, that's over. Dre is over welding and working on his art and taking the day off. I'm going to clean and organize and get things ready just in case some other punk ass weenie has to rain on somebody else's parade/shoot just to feel special. Then I'll be ready to bail the victims out. I can be the disinfectant of punk ass weenie-ism, the deflector, the white knight of punk ass weenie-ism, the anti punk ass weenie-ism. I look forward to my new role.

Have a happy punk ass weenie-ism day. I'll be on watch and take the first shift.

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