Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dre and Jax Stuff

I have Michelle's former room rented for the Disc Golf tournament so I've been calling her to get the rest of her stuff out and I finally got word she'd be here in a day or two. So, not knowing how things might turn out I figured Jax and I better get a hike going in case it's the last one for awhile. As we hiked around the property it's apparent that Dre has been busy.
Guy pulls up in a side by side and hands me a couple of ice teas. Last year we ran out of gas and you gave us some gas and we're back in Moab this week and wanted to make sure we brought you something and wanted to thank you again." Then he started back to his side by side and said "You're a genius." I said "I agree. Still, I'd like to hear your explanation as to why that might be." He says "You had the foresight to know someday the world would go crazy and you moved out in the sticks to make sure you're not a part of it. Nice work."
I drive in to town to buy beer, water, and soft drinks for the disc golf tournament. The manager of Village Market comes over to me and says "I had two trucks loads come to the docks last night and we unloaded all this stuff to make sure we had plenty of it for the marathon and Skinny (maybe he said fat) tire festival and they both got cancelled. What am I gonna do with all this stuff?" I packed the entire bed of the truck with beer, water, and soft drinks. I saw the sign of relief across his face. I made a good dent.
Some of the disc golfers are getting here a couple days early and while they all ask if Kobae is back Jax is getting just about as much attention. Those two are pretty popular with everyone that stays here. Michelle showed up at 3am or so and spent a couple days getting almost all her stuff out and packed up in the top part of the garage next door. Unfortunately, despite the pleas of several of the disc golfers and myself she took Jax with her when she left saying where she lives everyone loves Jax also and wanted to see him but she'd be back before the end of the month to return him. I hope so.
Michelle called from town and said that Jax was riding on her lap as she was driving to town and he fell out of the window at about 30 miles an hour. She screamed, slammed on the breaks and ran back to check on him and he landed in a mud puddle and is fine.

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