Saturday, March 14, 2020

Disc Golf Tournament

Players have been showing up for the tournament telling me the world is crazy everywhere they live from the Coronavirus thing. Stores sell out of toilet paper, sanitizer, soap, paper towels......News to me. When I greet players that have been coming for a long time most shake hands but some do the Coronafist where you touch knuckles and others the Coronabow where you bump elbows.

As for the lodge numbers I've had three cancellations. A nurse told me her hospital cancelled all vacations in anticipation of an eventual larger issue. A military person said her leave was cancelled by the Army and a lady emailed me and said they were cancelling their reservation as a result of the "Moab incident". I emailed her back and thanked her for the email notice but was incident? She never responded. Grand and San Juan Counties are huge counties and I live almost right on the border. I read Grand and San Juan together are larger than three states, though I don't remember which ones. There are no known cases of the virus in either county. Some things recreation, shows, and a couple others have closed and I hear that hotels in town have been affected. For me it's a wash. The three I lost were replace by three that called or emailed to say basically they had to get away from the crazy and no better place than here.

Todd kayaked in for the tournament Friday night from town with an hour or two of it being in the dark. I ask guests in the boat house to get some lights on so Todd could see where he was and to look for him but he said he paddled right by them to land on the beach and he thinks they never saw him.
We got some rain Friday and from vehicles in the camping area behind the solar panels it appears there's some mud in Kane Creek.

Dre and I spent the day shuttling players to their tees and keeping the coolers on each course full of beer, water, and soft drinks. Kobae came out for twenty minutes or so to eat which is almost exactly how long the sun was out and then went back into the laundry room.

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