Monday, August 31, 2020

The Reviews

 I'm about $50,000 up front deep in side by sides and I take another $10,000 or so a year in negative cash flow providing them for $400 a day less than they charge in town but I'm all out of side by sides today though I expect a couple of them back in the next week or so after dumping another $7,000 or so into them. I got my first review today complaining I didn't have a side by side for them and they had just emailed me a few days earlier asking if I had one and I did. So I go to the shop to get it in and out in one day, got up at 6am to catch a ride in to town to drive it back so I'd have one for guests. While the previous day's problem was fixed there was an underlying problem they didn't find apparently so had to catch a ride back to Base Camp again. Whole thing took about four hours. They knew all this but they made the review sound like I purposely misled them and yes they could have done these things in their vehicle but it was a rental and they didn't want to take a chance. I thought mine was a rental to.

Still there were some pretty good reviews I thought were fair. 

"Tom is an amazing host." That's fair.

"First things first, Tom is a legend, cool as a cucumber, and extremely knowledgeable about the area you are traveling into." That's fair.

"Tom and Tami are wonderful people." Fair, fair and fair.
"Tom says people have taken cars down, and he will tease you if you complain at all about it. So don't complain. Tell him the drive was easy and it was like a paved freeway all the way down." Fair.

"He did not wear a mask."

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