Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Polaris One Thousand

 Tami is getting a little bit of a personality. She's funny. We're driving over to get the truck at the boat house which is being pumped full of river water to fill the cisterns at the lodge when she says something funny. I'm driving one of the Polaris Rangers and when I look over at her behind her a see a large plume of black smoke. I says "Polaris 1000. We gotta go." We drive over to the sand hill where at the bottom is a Polaris 1,000 on fire. I've seen this three other times. The metal plate in the bed of the vehicle which sits directly above the engine isn't very thick and it gets hot quickly. If you stick a plastic gas tank back there it will melt and you'll get this. They were suppose to have fixed it in 2017 or so and I haven't seen one on fire since but this is a 2020. Three guys are running towards us wheezing and coughing. Neither Tami or I have a camera with us but after we check on them and determine they're ok, we run over and get the truck, drop it so it's draining water into the cisterns and go back to the site.

I call San Juan County Sheriff and tell them it's on BLM land by about a foot and a little while later a ranger arrives.

Then a fire truck shows up. I'm closest in district being just three miles away from Canyonlands but because there's a big river in he way it takes two hours to get here.

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