Sunday, August 30, 2020

A Week Like No Other, then even more

In the morning I get an email from Ferrell Gas saying they talked to Amerigas about using their two 500 gallon tanks and Amerigas says that the 1,000 gallon and one of the 500's next door are also theirs plus the two with their names on them though they've been there 20 years. I thought Doug said they were his. Why they took one that was hooked up versus the two that have been sitting here two years but they did. Now things have pivoted again. I need five 500 gallon tanks or something similar and Amerigan says they'll have them all gone by the first week in September so got to get Ferrell to get me tanks or buy some. 

Road is in pretty good shape, the same one spot on the other side is going bad again. I have some guests that don't make it and send me a seething mad email. Some others make it to the top of Hurrah but don't drive the last 2.7 miles, called and say they were ending the madness and turn around and go back to town and as is always the case after people yell at me for the road being more difficult than I said a mini MG shows up.

Tami left on Monday. We were close friends. I shall miss her. Linda came over from San Diego to fill in for however long and it's going pretty well. She's keeping up with the bookings and we're all good so far but we haven't had a day where we really got slammed yet but they are coming. 

Generator here and at Last Hurrah are coming on at random times but solar guy will be here tomorrow. 

Jax and I are still hiking most mornings and it's good. He's still crazy and runs circles around me and attacks me whenever I take him hiking. He's such a great dog. 

Guests from next door came over tonight and said the people in the hogan next to them said to come over tonight and watch you feed the little people. They told us "You don't want to miss the show." The Little People didn't disappoint. Despite a pretty bright moon six or seven foxes showed up. Raccoon babies come to the porch by themselves now. The baby skunks are running loose everywhere having not quite figure out how stuff works and the baby ringtails entertain in the rafters each night. Two have gotten quite good and catching hot dogs I throw to them but they are crazy. This is Jax'x normal spot on the sidewalk when feeding Little People begins. He keeps everybody in order but for Wednesday and Thursday nights Kobae has set out on the porch with us and watched all the little people come to the porch. Then he got bored, went in the living room and laid down and watched TV. Linda told me she gave him the remote and told him to turn the tv off when he went to sleep in the laundry room. That's what she said. When Jax and I went to go hiking at 6:30 am the tv was off and Kobae was sleeping in the laundry room.

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