Monday, August 31, 2020

The Week Like No Other, is turning into two weeks

 Generator guy got here today and at 11:10pm is still here. He says the brand new $15,000 batteries here at the lodge are malfunctioning and are only at about 25% capacity. The brand new $8,000 generator at Last Hurrah quit running even when I got propane back and the generator company said old tanks the propane sometimes turns to liquid and gums up the generator. So we picked up the new part that is suppose to be gummed up and it still doesn't work. I'm hanging in there keeping everything going because I imagined these days would happen sometime and I have a back up system to most everything though it's a lot more manual labor. It's so hard to see how one thing affects another and that changes something else. The big picture. Then as Jax and I were hiking back from the beach I saw a very small ant hill in the middle of the dry creek bed which will be three feet deep and raging sometimes when the rain comes. I realized I have the luxury to work on one problem at a time and get it all wrapped up. When these guys problem comes it's all over.

I don't remember ever seeing more than four yellow headed blackbirds at the same time but there are at least five in this pictures on the dead cottonwood surrounded by the cow birds.
I was getting ready to add I hadn't seen a hawk in a month when a small male sharp-shinned ran through the feeding area and everyone ran or flew for their lives. 

There are days when it begins clear and then the smoke drifts in from somewhere and in just a few hours it changes to this.

The 1,000 polaris burn mark keeps getting darker and longer.

Tami changed out the new seats and parts I ordered for the kayaks before she left and all six set at the boat ramp.

I've emailed Michelle asking how she is since she dropped Jax off a month plus ago and she hasn't returned any email. Just checking to see how she's doing. So just in case you still read the blog occasionally Michelle, Jax and I are still up at first light every day hiking and we're both very much enjoying ourselves. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't appreciate his being here. Thank you.

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