Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Tuesday Smoke

Fire somewhere. Usually California but takes a few days to get here. Campers on the sand bar last night

.Almost can't get around the island anymore. River is drying up on that side. Channel is running right along our side and big chunks of bank still fall in occasionally. It's about a three foot fall off into the river. Sun rising around 7am now.

The gray fox is shy with such a bright moon at night but the ringtail and skunks kids are venturing out all over the porches and cisterns. The raccoon babies still clink close to their mothers. Horrible sounding raccoon fight on the front porch last night. Babies were squealing but there's no blood. Jupiter and Saturn are visible not long after dark and around 3am or so Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus all dot the sky. The comet is trailing away below the Big Dipper.

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