Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Boat Ramp Beach

 With the channel having taken the usual Base Camp beach at the bottom of the hill we've moved the kayaks to the boat ramp where there's a nice beach. Jax and I are cutting a trail to the new beach from the lodge.

Where the Polaris one thousand burned up a week or so ago has kind of spread itself all over the stairs at the bottom of the sand hill.

Early morning has a bad reputation but it is beautiful.
Just got a call from Mad Bro. The engine seized on one of the Polaris so here comes a $5,000 bill. I lose so much money on them each year and down to one Polaris for the next few weeks. I think it had just been serviced within a few weeks ago.
Tami is down to her last week. Michelle will be here tomorrow and we'll talk and Linda is coming in Sunday to help for however long. Got to find somebody. We have a little bit of a break for a few weeks and so far September is not looking very busy compared at least to what we just went through but still two to three times of past Septembers and then October looks full. What a crazy year. I'm a little bit inspired that so many people are getting out into the boonies again.

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