Sunday, August 30, 2020

Was a Week Like No Other, and then some

 I call Doug who I bought Last Hurrah from and ask him if he knows where the 1,000 gallon propane tank went. He doesn't understand what I'm saying. "The 1,000 gallon tank is gone?" I call Lance who works for him, he says "What, where'd it go?" I call Ferrell and they say "Wasn't us." I call the generator guy he says "It was there when I left. You sure it's gone?" Doug calls back and says he's in Monticello do I want him to report it to the Sheriff's office. I tell him yes. Later Deputy Sheriff Camacho calls me and says it doesn't make sense. One way in and one way out. Don't you have more valuable stuff for them to steal? Yes, I do. 

I had to go up to Price and met a friend I hadn't see in a while and though I can't go into any more detail yet he tells me he's not who I thought he was for 50 years. He's somebody else. Things aren't always as they appear. As I'm driving back I'm thinking about the propane tank and my friend. Things aren't always as they appear. What else could have happen besides somebody stealing the tank. I'll be going through Green River in a couple minutes that's where Amerigas is located. Their tech and field people were great but administratively they were a mess and that's why I let them go. They'd bill me one price for the lodge and a dollar more a gallon for Last Hurrah and then argue it was fair because they had to drive further to Last Hurrah and there was more wear and tear on their truck. They had to drive one more mile and a dollar a gallon was an extra $2,000 dollars. I fired them. 

What if they are so screwed up that instead of coming and getting the two tanks that say Amerigas on them they drive right by and took the 1,000 gallon tank instead. No, that's not possible but I'll drive by their yard and see if I see my tank. The fence is down around back so I go through the fence and into the yard. I take pictures of their truck that picks up tanks tires and they match. There are the last tracks in the yard and I follow them up and find my tank. They took my old beat up tank and left me two sweet new Amerigas tanks. 

Phone rings and I'm illegally in the Amerigas yard. It's Deputy Camacho. She says you learn anything new? I say "Things aren't always as they appear. Never mind investigating the theft it was an administrative mistake and I'm happy with the way it turned out. She says she'll file the case closed. 

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