Thursday, September 10, 2020

My Friend Jax

There was a deer walking up the hill in front of the lodge and Jax saw it and instinctively took off and stopped himself after he did. 

A vehicle pulls up with guests checking in and the guy driving gets out but the woman stayed in the passenger side. She was crying. Sometimes the road in does that to people. Jax heard her and went down the lodge stairs and put his front feet up on the door but she didn't see him. When the driver left the door open to come talk to me and see where they was staying Jax went around to the driver's door, jumped up on the seat and went over and started giving the woman kisses and licking her face. She was surprised at first but then began to smile and eventually laugh. 

A day or two later some folks were checking out and Kobae came out of his hole and started to chase their dog. The dog figured Kobae out quick that he couldn't turn tight and wasn't much of a threat and was mostly attitude. It came around and started nipping at Kobae's rear legs where Kobae couldn't ram it or whatever plans Kobae had for the dog. 

Normally Jax tries to ignore Kobae and when Kobae turns up missing for a minute or two I'll ask Jax to go find Kobae and he always looks at me "Why? He's trouble and always trying to pick a fight with me." If I stay on him long enough he'll take me and show me where Kobae is. 

But on this day Jax could see Kobae had met his match and every time the dog would try to nip Kobae's rear legs Jax would nip the dog's rear legs and even up the score. This video starts right as I called Jax back from sticking up for Kobae. Kobae starts it every time so as long as it doesn't get serious he can take a little of what he started but it was kind of Jax to go out and stick up for him.

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