Saturday, August 1, 2020

Friday, What Does Jax See?

A few years ago Jax and I were hiking in a narrow canyon out toward the Cowboy Camp on the way to the Lockhart and Chicken Corner intersection and a couple hundred feet back in the canyon Jax and I got nervous at the same time. Something was watching us. As we came out of the canyon we could both feel it. We sat safely outside the canyon staring back in feeling it still watching us. It was evil. I put it on the blog that day.

The a year or two ago Jax and I were hiking across from the lodge and we both saw a day time fox. Maybe Jax saw more but I didn't. I got back and posted the picture and a couple of people emailed me to say their were three foxes in the picture and there were. Maybe the picture didn't come out right or something but all three were faded looking almost like ghosts. We just stared a long time. They didn't move and then disappeared when we began walking away.

On Friday, yesterday, out hiking by the abandoned oil well, Jax saw something and would not leave. I didn't see it but for twenty minutes or so Jax just stared at it.

We ran across remnants of the abandoned crank phone line that went from Prommell Oil Well to the river and up Jackson Ladder.

We found a place to sit in the shade and enjoy the view both north and south.
Usually when you see a rock with two or more colors they are all mixed everywhere on the rock but hiking back toward the side by side we found these.

We were a couple hundred feet further away from the wall on the way back and Jax never notice the wall that had so caught his attention on the way out. Meaning it wasn't a feeling, he saw something.

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