Friday, May 8, 2020


I have four locations and accounts with HughesNet. I have WiFi at the main house/hogans, Condo, Lodge, and I'm paying for Doug's hogan. Long story. The one at the lodge has run out of data and so they slow me way down. I can't get on Hughes Net to buy more tokens because the Main House account keeps showing up no matter what I log in and even after getting rid of cookies. I've been keeping cardboard and paper trash waiting for somebody to have a fire at the pit and have them use up my large collection of cardboard boxes and so forth. But, in a couple of weeks nobody has had a fire. I ask Chris to burn the stuff in the fire pit because on this night because Brendan and Amy have brought us the premier of the horror flick filmed here last year and we're watching it in the living room, full of boxes.

I'm on the phone with Hughes Net and trying to get them organized to understand the problem and I have the lady on speaker phone. She says "Did I just hear people yelling FIRE in the background." I look out the window and see Chris, Tami, and Tonja all running by with containers of water. I ask the Hughes Net lady to hold for a minute. Despite the wind blowing from the river up to the lodge a small fire has started going down hill toward the river. Every one has containers and is dumping water on it so I grab a shovel and pound some fire and after just three or four minutes it's out.

I go back inside and get on the phone and the lady says "You sound out of breath." I said "I am." She says "Big fire?"
Kobae moved into his house a few days ago, then back in the laundry room for one night, then back in his house ever since. On Thursday he came out, started across the drive way, walked about five feet then suddenly flipped a U-turn and went back in his house not to be seen again until Friday.
I switched to Ferrell Gas a year or two ago for propane to be delivered. They have been magnificent on service but administratively is a little confusing. They delivered way last year. Waited three plus weeks to send me a bill and by the time I went to town to get mail it was late already. I mailed it and then they sent me a notice saying I had a $25.52 credit. But, I also had a $4.42 late fee, on my $4,000 bill that they cashed. So when all was said and done they sent me a notice saying I had a credit of $21.20 cents.

Last month I got a bill from them saying I have a credit of $21.10 but my $4.42 late fee is 60 days past due. In town on Tuesday I got another notice from Ferrell Gas that I had a credit of $21.10 but the late fee of $4.42 which they had deducted from the original $25.52 credit was now 90 days past due but the total amount due, was $0. I'm torn between sending them a check for a negative $4.42 or just letting it accumulate and see what happens when they turn me over to a collection agency.

For the last few days guests have ask me about the various birds throughout the property and I've been telling them about the red wing blackbirds. Yesterday when I said that it didn't feel right and I realized they had left, I didn't notice when, and the day they leave is the day the cowbirds show up and sometimes yellow-headed black birds. They are all here.
This is the first weekend I've been sold out since the disc golf tournament 2nd weekend in March. You can see the shadow of The Saddle starting to move around in the bottom left hand corner of the picture.

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