Saturday, May 2, 2020

Coming Back

Business is picking up. Colorado eased up on some stuff yesterday and so did Utah. San Juan County is mostly open and I hear that Moab has allowed motels back in business with every other room rented or something similar and there are some restaurants around with open air seating though I can't name one. Lot of disc golfers this weekend. I got an email from Denver about 3am yesterday saying they're partially free now and they are loading up to come play disc right now. Taking the trials bike around to do errands since I've got no one to hike with.
Two magnificent bald eagles flew over Thursday. I see those maybe two or three times a year. I see a lot of golden eagles but the balds are rare. Yellow headed blackbirds are making an appearance and talking up a storm with the red-winged blackbirds. Beach is mostly gone and the river is rising fast. Most sandbars are gone with a few beaches left up and down the river.
Tonja, Tami, and Chris transferred all Michelle's stuff to the big garage yesterday and Tami and Tonja moved into that room. Most stuff next door is staying rented and I'm starting to get one or two rooms at the lodge rented at the same time. Not quite the May of last year but it's getting closer. Every now and then have a check out nervous about the drive up and so I'm taking a trials bike and getting a little ride in. So far I just show them where to drive it up and they do. I haven't had to drive one yet.
Tonja is working around the lodge. volunteering to babysit for guests, feeding everyone, and doing everything she said, to be deemed "essential". Each morning I give Tami and Chris two or three assignments and they are off to accomplish them and by the end of the day they are done. A year's worth of back order stuff is within a couple weeks of being caught up. I couldn't find any good people for longer than a couple weeks, probably Kristin and Michelle being the exceptions and now I have three. My plan to make a run at Caveman Ranch isn't happening since it's under contract for at least twice, maybe three times what I would have paid for it. Still it's an odd situation. If I was buying something that massive with so much work to do I'd be over there every day with tradespeople figuring out how to get water, how to get power, the septic capabilities, who's going to do what. It's going to be a huge project and it will have to be support an investment or debt of five or six million. They have to be ready to run. I've seen nobody over there. Tonja said she saw a truck one night and flashlights and that's it. I'm missing something.
It's the first week of May every year when Kobae finally moves into his house. He's so weird. He's hiking over by it most days and then finding a spot just a few feet from the entrance and hanging out there for three or four hours. Comes back to the porch to eat, then goes in the laundry room.

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