Monday, May 18, 2020

The Story Before The Story

I've been thinking about how to tell the story of what happen over the weekend. I think I have it chronologically correct, just get ready to type the first word when I hear a motorcycle blowing up the drive way. I know what this means. The rider needs help. He hits the brakes right in front of my window and takes a deep breath. He starts to get off and takes another deep breath. I head out of the office and yell to Tami and Chris. "We have an issue."

I step onto the front porch and the rider says "We need help." I say "I'm it." He says they flipped the side by side, several times, but they think everyone is ok. I tell him I'll get in my side by side and head out and see what we got. He calls them on a walkie and says I'm  coming. I arrive out by the Base Camp sign and two guys are walking toward me. Neither is limping or looks in pain. I give them a ride back to the lodge while the motorcyclist and a few friends head for town to get a vehicle that they can all go back in. I tell em I'll take care of everything out here.

I call the side by side rental place before their 6pm closing time and it says I can't leave a message because the mail box is full. I try twice more and get the same response. I email them and it gets rejected three times. While their friends head to town we go over to see if the side by side needs to be moved. They said it was kind of in the trail.

From where this first picture is taken, where I'm standing, there is a slight berm to my left. They hit the berm. Where you see the vehicle there was not a single tire track from where I took the picture to where the vehicle is in the picture with the exception of mine. That means that they rolled or flipped, or both, all the way to where the vehicle is.

They hung out for awhile and then their friends returned with a vehicle to get them all to town. They were thanking me for the hospitality and a little tour of the property and the last guy says. "Appreciate it. You're a life saver." He's right but not how he thinks and nothing to do with this incident. If he had made this berm the next one is on the big sand hill that I fenced off knowing there would be somebody like this and they'd die. There were several close calls before I fenced it off. If I'm a life saver it's for all the incidents that didn't happen.

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