Monday, May 11, 2020

Jane, Goddess of the Trail

Nikki and Bryan checked out today. They didn't waste a minute of their four days here. Every day they were out hiking. All the way out to Jackson Hole, up the ladder, and back again. 12 miles. When their four days was over they had done 35 miles of hiking. I should have a picture of them but unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I'm missing Jax so in my world the super star of their hiking team was Jane. Jane is a beast. She did the whole 35 miles. This is her briefly resting on the back porch and waiting for a massage for the tired body that kept up with Nikki and Bryan.

Knowing the heart and will Jane has I wouldn't doubt that she took down this mule deer at the top of Jackson Ladder except beginning about a week or so after I came through on my hike from town Haydukers began telling me they saw the remains at the top of the ladder. I just avoided the green eyes by not much. I have no doubt however that Jane could have taken it down after the 35 miles.

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