Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Usual Unusual Stuff

Today is May 10th. In addition to being the first day the Desert Willow blooms every year I remember it because it is also my best friend in the whole world's birthday. Today Linny turns 17. Linny was born 1 pound and four ounces and not expected to survive but here we are 17 years later and a movie star I might add. Linda sent me a couple of pictures of the very early days.

Kobae came out yesterday, sat in his door for five hours, then turned around and went back in never to come out again until today Sunday.
Day before Andy, Brian, and Nicole hiked out to Jackson Hole, up Jackson Ladder, and back, 13 or 14 miles. Brian and Nicole's dog Jane went with them. A small dog with a big heart. Didn't complain and when they went to head out to the Amasa Back this morning Jane was ready to go. I took a Polaris and gave them a ride out to the Ladder to save them 12 miles of hiking so they could spend all their energy on the trails on top.

Watching Jane head up the ladder and thinking of all the great dogs that were here over the weekend and their reluctance to leave as family was packing up I was missing Jax. I have no idea if I'm going to see him again. It's complete pot luck in the decision making process. The battle is so exhausting and the departure so emotional. I went on the Moab Humane Society website and looked at the four dogs waiting for adoption and I thought one of those dogs could be living this life full time instead of going back in the pen or cage each night. I don't want to abandon my hiking buddy but our time, if ever again, is always unknown and random at best. I'm thinking about it.

I haven't seen a Hayduker or Discovery Trail hiker for a month. I think you have to get permits to go through Canyonlands and there's nobody to get you one during the shutdown.

River seems to be going down. Sand bars are starting to appear again. Three weeks ago the snow pack in the Rockies was 16 feet and today it's under 7. Not much left to melt and once it's gone it's just natural springs filling the river. Chart said snow pack is 68% below normal on this date over the last seven years.

It's busy out there. This seems like an average Sunday of any other year. I've seen or heard at least 25 vehicles, dirt bikes, side by sides, Jeeps, and ATVs go out to Jackson Hole. If there are that many at Jackson I'm sure Chicken Corner is twice that busy.

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