Sunday, May 17, 2020


I dropped every one, staff and guests, in the river in town. While I was walking over to check out a safe place to get in the river some guy drove by on a bicycle and started yelling at me to not get by the river it's dangerous. Actually for 12 years it's where I've put people in the river. There isn't a safer place. As I started walking back to the pavement he lectured everyone else and rode off just before I got there. When I read the opinion section in the two local papers there are always people writing in to say they can't believe how rude the citizens of Moab are or they had a car in the shop and so they got a rental which had out of state plates and people were yelling at them saying they didn't want them here.

While everyone else was in the river I did errands. Filling the back of the truck with wood I got directions to the Dog Rescue place. Pulling in there was a guy on the phone and his female counterpart came outside and said they are by appointment only. Go online and fill out a form about myself, make an appointment online, they'll show me around, and give me some brief time with a rez dog to see if we're a match. I didn't think it was going to be so much work to get a dog. They said all their dogs are rescues from the Navajo Reservation. I spent three days on the reservation once, not on purpose, it's a good story, but I don't think I had a blog then so I'll add it when I get some time. There were hundreds if not thousands of dogs roaming everywhere. I walked from the car repair place to the grocery store and had ten or fifteen dogs followed me looking for food. This is a pretty special thing they are doing in my book but it turned out they didn't have any dogs that were trained from being wild that were ready to go into domestic life but they were working on some. They told me to call back in a couple weeks.
I got back about 2pm Thursday afternoon expecting to see the Base Camp Navy coming around the Pot Ash boat ramp corner of the river any minute but what is normally a four hour tour turned into 6.5 hours. Not long after the return Tonja packed up to go visit relatives and Tami and Chris working at the lodge. Both are good workers and I hope I'll have enough business to keep them both employed. We've still got some backlog so good to go so far.
After bragging about the Desert Willow always blooming May 10th (Linny's birthday) to May 14th (Heather's birthday) it of course waited until May 15th and immediately filled up with hummingbirds and carpenter bees.
Last Hurrah was full for the weekend and the lodge had two of five rented. Lot of campers playing disc golf.

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