Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Day

I'm not use to having people here for extended periods of time but I have three for over a month and a few more for a couple weeks. On Tuesday I took the Scorpa over to the Main House. Pulled up a gravity chair and enjoyed the quiet. In the nearly hour I sat there I saw four jet trails and that was it.

Pond is full and even the reeds destroyed in last year's hail storm are turning green and starting to stand up again.Bullfrogs are bellowing.
Went to town Monday and a rain storm hit on the way back. Lot of side by sides coming back from the boonies. Drivers had one hand over their faces trying to protect themselves from the hard rain and one on the wheel.
Tami had gone up Two Trains with me a few weeks ago and she led everyone at the lodge up to the top today. They all made it and it's a climb.
Haven't heard from Michelle in a while about Jax so I emailed the Moab Humane Society on Monday that I needed a dog that could hike, was friendly with kids, and didn't chase critters. I didn't hear from them by noon Tuesday so I called. Two of the four had been adopted and the other two were born to chase critters. Tonja told me that while she was in town she saw a dog rescue place not far from where I get wood so I'll try that next time in town.

Kobae is so proud of his house. He comes out around noon and can sit in front of it for hours with his head held high. Today, as all days a few vehicles came up the driveway to check the place out. While the parents were talking to guests the two boys, maybe eight and ten were standing by Kobae at his house. One of them reared back and kicked a bunch of sand in his face. I was on the way over there when the parents decided to leave. I'm sure they didn't see it. Kobae came across the driveway when they left to eat. His eyes were watering trying to get all the sand out.

Normally I get five head of romaine, five green peppers, and five cucumbers, and take them onto the porch. Sometimes he'll eat one or two more of each but today it appeared as he had not eaten in years. Here's a picture of the five of everything before we started. When he finished he headed toward the fridge. I got out four more head of romaine, four more green peppers, and four more cucumbers wondering how many I'd be putting back in the fridge when he was finished. The answer is none. He then ate the last four green peppers making a total of nine romaine, thirteen green peppers and 15 cucumbers. The fridge was empty. Fortunately he has his own refrigerator next door still stuffed to the max. Here's about $40 later.

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