Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This and That

Lot of good help right now so some evenings when things are under control I can jump on the trials bike and take an hour ride or so.

Seems like it's the first week of May every year before Kobae decides to move into his home. Each day he is getting closer. Walking across the parking lot and sitting for hours by his house as if deciding and on Sunday, he makes the move.

River is rising with 90 degree temps in the Rockies. This is as quick a rise as I've ever seen meaning I should get my beach back by the end of June.
I'm in town when the alternator goes out on the truck, won't charge the battery and I'm stuck. Nations Towing gives me a jump and gets me to the shop. I'm waiting for a rear bumper as the truck slowly falls a part. It is dependable running every day over not easy roads.

But the truck has been running rough. Every week or so I clean the air filters in the side by sides and the Dysons. I've never cleaned or has it occurred to me to clean the truck and Jeep ones. I don't know. Maybe because they're tough and they run no matter what.

Chris is having trouble with his machines getting a reading as to what exactly is wrong with the truck. He says "Let's see what the air filter looks like." He pulls it out and drops it on the floor and there is a small mushroom atomic cloud that rises off the floor. He picked it up and drops it again and ten times the mushroom atomic cloud rises from the floor. Then Chris says into his phone set "Can you deliver me 2 Ford 150 2000 model air filters." A few minutes later it's running sweeter than I remember from ten years ago when I got it.

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