Monday, May 11, 2020

The Morning is Monday

Brendan sent me these.

Kobae has been coming to the porch every other day to eat and then eating enough for three days. Tortoise math.
When I went next door to check water levels and pump water six Canada geese were hanging out at the bottle place. Later around 11pm I went over to shut the water off and there was an eerie glow coming from the bottle place. I'm wondering if there are LED lights in some of the bottles but haven't been over this morning to check. On a boat years ago I called them Canadian geese and the river guide chewed me out saying they were named after a guy named John Canada who was a taxidermist. I looked it up once and there are those that say they are named after the country, then someone ask what were they called before there was a country named Canada, there's no record of a John Canada when the name popped up as a taxidermist. Then someone says they're named after an Indian tribe named Kanada or something similar so when all is said and done, I don't know. The Bottle Place still glows in the dark and I don't think it's Elon Musk.
Last year the river got up to the top stair of the boat dock when it crested and this year never got to the first stair.

In the first credit Branden sent me it says Special Thanks to Tom Higginson and filmed on location at Base Camp Adventure Lodge and also Duke Head of Hot Dog and Pizza Inspection. Every time I would throw a hot dog out for the critters Duke would get them and he got into my room on the pizza delivery night and at four of them to include the boxes, and spilled four more on the ground. You'll have to enlarge it.
In the second one, you'll have to blow it up also. Production Designer is GAEA, or in short the Goddess Mother Earth. Head of Security is Kobae.

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