Friday, May 8, 2020

Get the Popcorn

Brendan and Amy showed up bringing the completed copy of the horror flick filmed here last year The Canyonlands.
It's being screen tested as various movie people are looking at it. There are some comments about the script, about an actor or actress or two, and little stuff about this and that but there's no criticism of the scenery.

We showed it twice to keep crowd size under the Utah recommended 10 people. Had some crew drive out from town to watch the first one at 7pm Thursday night. Then guests and Tami, Tonja, and Chris for one also at 9pm.

The movie starts at the boat house with an aerial view from a drone and one of the guests said right away "That's the boat house." Was a lot of that for the next hour and a half roughly. 21 of the 23 days were filmed here on lodge property with one day at the Wind Caves and one on the river. I have to say I'm a movie star. In the edge of the drone shot you can see my white truck going up the road towards the main house though it also could have been Linny driving it also. In the beginning as the future rafters are introducing themselves I briefly thought I'm not going to make it through the movie. But that was it. It got better and better and then it got totally cool. Linny was magnificent. Really good. She gets killed and it was so realistic and a complete tear jerker. Brendan and Amy told me it would be and even knowing what was going to happen and being there while it was filmed when I saw it refined it was so touching. There was a scene where somebody is sitting in the chair I'm sitting in while I'm watching it. When it was over I could hardly wait for the second showing.

At the end as the credits are rolling it says "Head of Security..........Kobae." It's true. All Kobae did was sit in the door all day and make people walk around or step over him.

Linny shows up as "The Girl". At the very end it says filmed at Base Camp Adventure Lodge and the almost very last a special thank you to Tom Higginson.

I was so tired when the movie was over and they were all leaving last year. I was sure I didn't ever want to get involved in a movie again. I for sure don't feel that way now. Brendan keeps saying it's a B-minus movie but I think though a lot of people get whacked and there's a lot more swear words than what were woven in the script by ad-lib talent, it's a fun movie and made more so by knowing every inche of where every scene was filmed. Everyone really enjoyed it.

They're going to get me a copy at some point and I think when we can we'll show it to guests occasionally. Right now it's being shopped and still has to be kept under wraps. I'll update you if I hear anything new.

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