Thursday, January 9, 2020

Tuesday: To Town and Back

It's been about ten days since I went to town. I still have enough food for three or four more days but I ran out of hotdogs for the critters.

It's been cold for a long time. I have about 400 gallons left in the holding tanks at Last Hurrah and the pond, pump, and hose are all frozen so can't pump anymore but I haven't taken any bookings for January or February so far so waiting for a warm up. Every day the weather says 37 and sunny but the sun never breaks through and it hasn't been above freezing all year. The Little Buddy heater that only works on the pilot light is keeping the pump good at the lodge.

If you've driven out here and you know where the cattle guard is toward the top and on the east side of Hurrah this is a little scary. Just before the cattle guard is where one of my ATV's went off a few years ago and the guest jumped off. Nations Towing lowered me by rope 180 feet down the cliff to tie up the side by side and bring it back up. This picture I can see where somebody swung wide on the corner and just missed going off the 180 foot straight down drop off. Then the tracks back up.
I hadn't seen Kristen is a year or so but she came by to tell me her dog Paris died and her friends dog also. I use to hike with Paris around the property when Kristen worked out here. She drove them both up to the top of Long's Canyon and carried them a long ways to find a good view of Moab and buried them there. She ask me if I wanted to go up and see where they are buried and I will but I'll cry like a baby probably. When I was learning to walk like a fox Paris had been shot by a ricochet bullet and was learning to walk all over again with me. We both had some painful days hiking back in Dripping Springs. I miss Jax. Haven't seen him since just before Thanksgiving. Michelle said she'd be back with him in a week or two and then called to say she'd be here in a day or two around mid December and hasn't returned a call or email since.
Moab was empty. I'm always in a hurry so with no guests scheduled for six more weeks this was my chance to go visit some of the shops. The whole one side of main street had signs on the door saying "See you in March." There were only three stores open in two blocks both sides. Transmission went out in one Polaris, be ready next week. Truck needs a new front end job so when parts come in one day next week I'll be taking the truck in and bringing the side by side back. I hope it's a warm day.
All the way in and back all I saw was two guys riding their bicycles. It was 23 degrees and the clothes they had on weighed more than the bicycles. Ice is broken in Kane Creek and it's only a food deep or so. Was easy getting through.
Man it's cold but it's beautiful. Sun tried to break through while I was on top of Hurrah on the way back but didn't quite make it.

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