Friday, January 17, 2020

Slow, Expensive, Time of the Year

This is the time of the year to get everything fixed and ready for the coming season. For vehicles, by myself, the first and last one are the issue. Getting the first one in the shop and then finding a way back. For me that was the newer Polaris and hiking back.

The truck needs massive front end work. It's going to be really expensive. I want to coordinate when all the parts come in with when the Polaris is ready so I can limp in with the truck and drive the Polaris back, no long term hiking right now, it's too cold. On Tuesday I contacted Nations about the truck and all the parts weren't in yet. I contacted Mad Bro and they weren't done with the Polaris. On Thursday I ran out of hot dogs and bird seed, and almost out of me food so time to go to town. I took the Jeep since the truck is barely alive.

My bigger purpose was to go around to the vehicle rental places and see if anybody would cut a deal for people that wanted to come out to the lodge so they could leave their vehicles in town. I didn't get a good deal anywhere. Better to fly into Salt Lake or Grand Junction and get a rental there. More driving but the savings on both the airplane ticket and vehicle rental is massive.

I had breakfast with Kathy who is a Lyft and Uber driver and she's willing to do something to drop people off and pick them up, maybe in the $100 range somewhere. I met with a side by side place and they said they could do the same. I talked to Navtec but it's expensive to get people in and out here with their big boat but we cut a deal for them to do accommodation packages with two day rentals here and then down the river to Lake Powell and we scheduled the first one for August in the main house.

I swung by Nations right when the UPS truck pulled up and they said all my truck parts were there. I drove over to Mad Bro and they said they were just finishing up the Polaris work and it would br ready in an hour or so. I started thinking maybe I'd come back into town on Friday to change out vehicles. After I'd done all my errands and got myself and all the little people a couple weeks of food, driving back to Base Camp the weather report on the radio was 95% chance of snow on Friday.

I got to the lodge unloaded, fed the birds, checked email, and got in the truck and headed back to town. It was cold, really cold, but I was bundled up on the drive back in the side by side and survived it. Better than 95% chance of snow.

I found this dead frozen cow on the other side of Hurrah. If she moves to the other side of the road anytime soon then I'll start believing that UFO theory that somebody put out on the Facebook site for Base Camp that Heather told me about since the dead cow last year changed sides of the road after a week or two.

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