Friday, January 17, 2020

Always Something

My first eight or so years out here I made the same mistake every year. For 30 plus years I did financials for my various companies, mostly indoor soccer. The goal always was to have your facility finish in the black, positive cash flow. In the red, was negative cash flow. You don't want that.

Every time there was a dead battery needed jumping I'd get the cables out, put them on my vehicle right, but the vehicle I was jumping I'd put the red cable on the negative and the black on the positive and immediately hear a popping sound when I fried the battery. I went through a lot of fried batteries. You can take the guy out of the financials, but you can't take the financials out of the guy. There's a dog one like that too.

Well I finally got it right and it's been three or five years maybe since I fried a battery. Then I got the boot issue solved by buying three pair of every kind of boot and then if one right or left wore out I'd have an extra of the other. Sort of four pair of boots for the price of three.

Now it's gloves. I've picked up so many little cactus in my fingers, really little ones that you don't even know they are there until you type P or Q on the keyboard. Then it's a headlamp, magnifying glass, and tweezers to get them out.

So I bought gloves, lots of them, same kind. Once they make a good gloves and you buy them they last forever so sales go down and they don't make them anymore or order them anymore then I have to find alternative places to buy them.

When I get out on the property I almost always wind up taking them off because whatever I'm doing requires more delicacy or grip than the gloves can give me. Then I forget and leave them. I find them days, weeks, or months later next time I'm at that site working on whatever. One time I was out hiking and had to go to the bathroom, dug a hole with my boot, and then buried it. Three months later when I was out hiking in that area again I found a pair of my gloves right next to the burial site.

I keep a pair in the Jeep, the truck, the small garage, and two in the lodge. After three days out working around the property digging up weeds and repairing stuff I got back to the lodge and when I unloaded everything I only had one pair of gloves left. I don't know how I did this and I'm pretty sure I don't want to try and figure it out.

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