Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Mail

I got a chance to open up the mail I picked up Tuesday and got this pretty cool shirt from Amy of the movie. Said they are about a month away from finishing up, no more than a month, then got to find a distributor.

I got a package from Innova with a card a disc and a calendar. On the front of the calendar, hey I think I know that place. Photographer Mason Nowels. When I open the calendar up to see what other courses might be in it for March I find this. Thrower Carolina Tilton and Photographer Michael Tilton.

Though I haven't gone to a meeting in a few years it's almost time for Jeep week again. I think I have about ten years worth of these where I kept at least one magazine for each year. I have one room, one hogan, and one house left for those days and everything else is gone already. I still have the male hogan left for the disc golf tournament in March and everything else is gone except camping.

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