Monday, January 20, 2020

Some Stuff

I'm walking by the Jeep taking stuff out to the garage and thinking I must have four flat tires it's setting so low to the ground. Then I remembered I left a month worth of sunflower and bird seed in the back when I was in a hurry to turn around and go drop off the truck and get the side by side.
Just Venus for planets shines in the night sky and it will light it up all the way deep into Spring. Jupiter is already coming up in the early morning despite having just disappeared a month or so ago but between the Anti Cline and Hurrah Pass I can't yet see it. There are a lot of stars though with no competition from light. I've pulled all the solar lights down throughout the property and will just hand out head lamps if folks need them. I bought 40 something for the movie people and go almost all of them back.
Was a little spooky last night. I walked outside just after dark to throw some hot dogs to the parking lot and put the bowl out in Kobae's yard for the foxes, put a few in the rafters for the ringtails, others under the porch for the skunks, and two in each bowl on the porch for the raccoons. After I had gotten all 30 of them distributed I came out a little later when it was completely dark threw some more out and just as I turned to go back in I saw a twinkle above the wood pile over by the fire pit. I looked at it longer and it was two sets of eyes, one right above the other. they seemed to be coming from the same face, not one above the other. I thought maybe my eyes were just messed up from staring at the computer screen all day but looking to my left I saw a fox come up the parking lot and just one set of eyes. I looked back over by the woodpile and the face had two sets of yellow eyes one above the other. In theory ringtail or raccoon since the eyes were yellow but that's all I know.
I have a new ringtail. It's so cute. I hear one of the other three, or maybe two of them, chasing it around sometimes at night across the roof and hissing at it, I think trying to drive it off so they don't have to share the hot dogs but it's the first one here each night. Just like all the others in their early days here when I'd put the hot dog on a marshmellow stick and put it up by them it would run away but I saw it a couple nights watching the other calmly take hot dogs off the stick and it's getting better. Still it snatches the hot dog off the stick like it might go away all of a sudden.

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