Friday, January 3, 2020


I've spotted eight cows on the property. I drive out and check and the gate is closed. Somebody in the last day or so has left it open long enough for some cows to get in. Besides the fact that they eat everything my biggest concern is they'll get in the man made pond by the main house and destroy the mat that is laid on the bottom to keep the water from escaping and it's terribly expensive. I close off the gate to that side of the property but they can get around it if they get a little creative. Then I drive around the property to see if any have already gotten on the Last Hurrah north side of the property.

Just before dark I see the cows slowly moving for the Base Camp gate out by the sign. I drive out in the truck, leave the gate open, drive through the property honking the horn and blasting the radio. They start moving more towards the outer gate. Then I park the truck in the road with radio blasting, get out with a broom, and start pushing them further toward the main gate. Once I see them round the corner I get back in the truck and take the road for the gate. I don't see any of them. I turn the radio down and get out to close the gate. I hear muffled snow walking in the dead end canyon, back the truck up to the mouth of the dead end and take my broom around the other side and jump in pushing the last two cows out. Close the gate and crisis averted. 14 cows went by me on the way out.

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