Thursday, December 24, 2020

Three People

 Got to go hiking with guests out to Skinny People. Nice to be on the trails again and with good people.

Saturn has been chasing Jupiter across the sky the whole year and two nights ago caught it and last night ran over it. Everybody else is saying it caught it last night but that's not how I saw it. They are both so far west in the night sky they aren't up long after it gets dark. In another month or less they'll both be gone to my night sky. I will miss them.

Had a phone call set up with the bank last Friday to go over some details of the new loan. They called at the correct time but my phone never rang. Then at 8:30pm a message shows up on my phone, seven hours after they called. We reschedule for Wednesday 11am. I don't want to take any chances so I drive to town, do errands, then drive around to get the most bars I can get. They call and it's move back two hours. I'm stuck in town so I start buying supplies for months to come. When this holiday rush is over around the 5th of January I should have everything I need and not have to go to town again for maybe a month or so. We have our conversation and I head back. On a dirt road that is usually full of side by sides I see three people.
Going through McDonalds the guy in the truck in front of me pulls up to the pay window. A little mechanical arm comes out he reaches out with his left arm and touches the mechanical thing with his watch. They hand him a drink and a bag and he drives off. What the hell was that about?
As I'm driving back on the blacktop part of the road and I get two or three miles out of town there's a guy with a wheelbarrow full of grocery bags pushing his groceries to either The Land or Pritchett Canyon. About five miles. At Kane Creek there is a car parked with no one around. Jax and I drive up Hurrah and when we got about half way down the other side here comes a thin woman running up the pass. I said "Where'd you come from?" She points to the other side of Hurrah.

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