Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Good Hike

 These are my kind of snow storm. It's there in the morning and gone by noon. Jax and I left at 1:30 and got back about 4:30 and we got a lot of ground covered all the way out to the turn looking down at Pot Ash plant in Jackson Hole.

I found myself in roughly the same position as earlier this year when I hiked back from town and had limited time before dark. I was pretty sure I could find the short cut from Jackson Hole to Last Hurrah and cut an hour off my time. If not, I was going to be pretty embarrassed when I spent the night out there or had to make it back to the road and call for a ride.

Was going to be a little further than I thought but we should pick up a big horn trail soon and make it will before dark.

Jax is leading for me looking for a way down as the sun continues to slide down.

We pick up a familiar rock formation and find the big horn trail right after that arriving back at the lodge as the last rays of sun fade behind Pyramid Butte.

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