Monday, December 7, 2020

The Machines

 I'm hauling drinking water over to Last Hurrah and getting plenty at each location while putting extra propane tanks at both hogans and for the grills at the houses. Once I get the pump going from the pond through the filters and into the houses and a couple washers and dryer doing some work for me Jax and I have time to hike the Boulder Canyon so we do it in reverse.

I'm sore just from the hikes we've been doing and I can tell Jax is feeling some of it too. Going to take us both awhile to get back in shape but we've got most of the next ninety days to do it and the off season is usually December thru February but this is an unusual year so we'll see what it has in store for us.
The night sky is crazy. It's brisk at night so I'm not spending a lot of time out there plus I think the mountain lion is here or has been here recently though I haven't found the remnants of anything lately. Elon Musk's string of satellite is floating around up there and Saturn is getting ready to run over Jupiter. I've seen double stars before but never double planets. The double stars, usually one dying and one being born are red and blue and I see three of them a lot of nights but I have no idea what is going to happen with Saturn runs over Jupiter. Starting to get a few meteors each night as well and they are bright in a brisk night sky.
The last couple hundred feet before we get back to the hogans and main house Jax begins limping. I can't find a stick in either front foot which is usually what it is. Perhaps he's as sore as I am.

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