Monday, December 7, 2020

The Days

We do a hike, do some work, do a hike, do some work. The weather is holding up for the next week to ten days and it couldn't be much better. I'm getting a load of wood every other day and filling up the fire pits before the weather turns ugly and it will at some point. Just a matter of time.

At various places around the property there are sharp rocks sticking up in the road that could flatter a guest tire. It's sledge hammer time for those. I'm feeling how out of shape I am.

Just before the Base Camp sign somebody drove up the hill looking down on the entrance to the property. If I don't get it covered up soon somebody else will drive up it and once the plant life is gone getting it back to the way it was will be mostly impossible so I spend an hour or so placing rocks and raking gravel over the tracks to get it to look as natural as possible.
The fence has been knocked down by the Sand Hill and the fence is also down at the entrance to the Finger Canyons. It just takes one jackass, and there's no shortage of them, and then a bunch more jack asses will follow the first tracks and it's a mess taking years to get it straight again so it's getting the fences back up in both places.

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