Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Giveth, Taketh Away, Giveth, Taketh Away,.......Giveth

 Mother Nature gave us another snow but a couple hours later the sun came out and took it away, then she gave us some more, the sun came out and.....

We headed down the creek bed to the place we put the kayaks in. Maybe not today.

Up the boat ramp with deer, coyote and fox tracks.

When we got back it's time to clean the lodge garage I haven't done since the Moab 240 was here.
Jax favorite spot is to sleep in the office on my desk on his pillow. When Linda was here we had a mouse in the office which Jax solved the issue a few days later. However I put a trap out for it but had to put it five or six feet up on a shelf. While I was cleaning pulling books and the like out I heard something sliding off a shelf so I caught it as it was falling and then it caught two my fingers.

I'm not sure, and I'm happy that way, but somehow Michelle's Jeep wound up in town and whoever sent a picture of where they left it so I gave her a ride in to get a pretty torn up Jeep. We got back just as we were getting ready to be the recipients of Giveth again.

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