Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Some More Stuff

 Kayaks are still at the river but they are ice locked out with about 40 feet of ice between shore and actual moving water.

We got a good snow this time and for the third year in a row over the holidays I escorted check outs up, and this time, down, Hurrah Pass. While going down I met guests checking in coming up and when I got back up to the top of Hurrah there was a crowd of people taking pictures.

The pass is what it is and in the snow it's even more interesting.

By afternoon it had mostly melted so it was a chance, maybe the last one to pump some water into the tanks on the Last Hurrah side of the property. The pond was frozen and I had to throw three big rocks in the same place to break the ice so I could put a pump in it. I had to take the hoses a part in a couple places and push ice out but overall probably less than an hour before I had water pumping again. There's a cold spell coming so the next ice might be too thick to break so I filled them to the top.

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